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NEXT AUDITIONS: Sunday 8th September 2024

Submissions for our upcoming auditions are now OPEN.

Please read our information pack, in detail, and then click the button to submit your application.

Welcome! You’ve taken your first step to becoming a superstar talent. My name is Anika and I’m the Talent Agent here at Brent Street Agency. This information pack contains everything you need to know about joining the Brent Street Agency, from the way we source work opportunities for our talent to the inclusions in our membership. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask. We can’t wait to see your audition!

To keep up-to-date with our next round of auditions, please follow us on Instagram. We’ll post when the date is announced!

What we offer

Brent Street Agency represents and provides talented children and teens to the biggest productions, shows and films in Australia. Brent Street Agency kids are some of the the most talented and professional performers you’ll find in Australia aged 4-18 years.

Samuel McKeowen II and Anika Glennie operate and manage the agency, bringing a combined wealth of experience in Artist Management, PR Consultancy, Performing, Teaching and Producing

Brent Street Agency has mentored and introduced countless outstanding young actors, singers, dancers and choreographers to the Entertainment Industry, who have gone on to successful Australian and international careers. With keeping the talent books relatively small and offering constant communication with our parents, the Agency offers a true, personalised management experience.

We believe in not only representing exceptional young talent, but fostering and nurturing them. Our impressive roster of artists and their growth – both professionally and personally – is a testament to our holistic approach to children in entertainment. We take pride in providing a platform for children to explore their potential and excel!


We are the connection between you, the performer, and the work in entertainment and the arts; plays, TV shows, musicals, television commercials, print and digital media campaigns, social media work & more.

The audition and casting process can vary from job to job, however it usually looks something a little like this:

We receive casting briefs and audition notices from production companies and casting directors – many of which are exclusive to our agency. We assess which of our talent will be most suitable for the job and send the audition details through to them.

It’s time to submit an audition! Most jobs these days simply require a self tape demonstrating the audition material. Some auditions/castings still happen in-person – particularly for musicals or large-scale productions. We send it off and then we wait!

If you’re successful, we’ll usually let you know via phone call. Yay – it’s time to celebrate! If you’re unsuccessful, we’ll try and find out why so we can work on improving that area of your skillset. Then we repeat! Auditions, casting and self tapes are the life of a performer!


Our Agency works on a Membership basis, plus a commission on successful employment.

$595 annual membership fee

Memberships are valid for 12 months and includes the following in addition to representation and submission for auditions:

📸  An annual photoshoot, with 2x included headshots by a professional photographer
🖥️  Industry-only profiles on Showcast and Casting Networks (with base membership fees covered)
🎥  Free industry-based workshops such as self-tape and script reading throughout the year
📝  On-going advice, guidance and communication for help navigating the industry

F.A.Q’s and help

The idea of signing with an Agency can sometimes be a little daunting, especially for those new to our world. We aim to make the process as simple as possible and give you as much information as possible so that you and your child can feel confident in making a decision that’s right for you.

Find our most Frequently Asked Questions here.

We've joined the agency - what happens next?

To kickstart the process, we will create a personalised profile for your child on both Casting Networks and Showcast. You will receive an email containing detailed steps on how to access and navigate these portals. We have also prepared video guides for Casting Networks and Showcast below, walking you the necessary steps.

How will I be notified of auditions?

Expect a text or email from us, notifying you about a self-tape or audition request. The email will include comprehensive details about the project brief, script sides, work dates, and any other relevant information.

My child has received a Self Tape request for a role, what now?

Firstly, ensure your availability for the work dates, then let us know you’re wanting to submit for the role. Thoroughly review the project brief, adhering to all instructions for your self-tape. For your convenience, we’ve crafted a video guide on self-taping below. These resources will guide you through the necessary steps to create an amazing self-tape.

My child has an audition. What do I need to do?

Check your availability for the audition and promptly confirm your attendance with us. It’s crucial to thoroughly read the casting brief, ensuring you’ve learned any specified scripts. On the day, bring any required items, dress appropriately, and aim to arrive at the audition location 10–15 minutes early. Additionally, be prepared with your up-to-date measurements, as you may be required to complete a talent form upon arrival.

What does it mean when my child has been placed on a hold?

A “hold” signifies that the talent has successfully made it onto the shortlist for a callback or role. Casting directors promptly inform the Agency of such holds, allowing us to notify the talent. It’s essential for talent to keep the specified work dates available until the casting process is finalised.

How & when does my child get paid?

Following the completion of a job, Brent Street Agency will coordinate with the production to invoice for your fee. Payments undergo processing through various channels before reaching Brent Street Agency. It may take several weeks for payments to be transferred to the talent’s nominated bank account.

If, after a full month from job completion, you have not received your payment, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are committed to ensuring your timely compensation and will initiate follow-up procedures at the one-month mark.

How will I know about Agency Industry Workshops?

We’ll email you dates and booking details for upcoming industry workshops, all of which are free of charge to you. Don’t miss out on these valuable opportunities—we’re committed to your child’s professional development.

When does my child receive their headshots?

Headshot photo sessions are scheduled twice per year. Keep an eye on your inbox for notification of dates and instructions on how to book your slot for the upcoming session. 

How do I access my Child’s Casting Networks profile?

Visit https://www.castingnetworks.com and log in to your account. If you’re having trouble recalling the email linked to your account, reach out to us for assistance.

How do I access my Child’s Showcast profile?
Visit https://showcast.com.au and log in to your account. If you’re having trouble recalling the email linked to your account, reach out to us for assistance.
What does Brent Street Agency expect of my child (and me, the parent/carer)?

Brent Street Agency is a safe place for creative young people to grow, explore and learn. Good behaviour is always expected when at auditions and on set. We do not tolerate any form of gossiping, bullying or abuse – from both parents and their child.

We also have a strong commitment to inclusion, recognising all of our community for who they are – regardless of their background.

How do I communicate with Brent Street Agency?

Brent Street is a very busy place with lots going on. Email is our best form of communication – Anika can be reached at anika@brentstreetagency.com

Please read the emails we send you – even though they may seem long, they contain important information. Please do not contact our staff members through social media or personal email/phone. For general enquiries that don’t require the attention of Anika, please contact reception@brentstreet.com.au.

What specific safety regulations apply to child performers, such as hours and supervision?

Ensuring the safety of child performers is of utmost importance. Specific safety regulations are in place to safeguard their well-being, which we follow. For comprehensive details on these regulations, please refer to https://ocg.nsw.gov.au/organisations/employing-children-acting-and-modelling/requirements-different-aged-children

Video Tutorials + Form Downloads + Help

When you join us, your first steps will be navigating your new platforms – Showcast and Casting Networks. You’ll also need some basic equipment to film your self-tapes, so we recommend getting these sorted quickly (and filming a few practice ones that we can give feedback on!)



NEXT AUDITIONS: Sunday 8th September 2024

Submissions for our upcoming auditions are now OPEN!


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